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Come with problems,go with solutions.DivineYagya is a vadic system has simple answers to the modern world problems like global warming,pollution,mal nutrtion,starvation,diseases,bacteria,virus & so on  


Frequently Asked Questions



Question: What is Divine Yagya?
Answer: Divine Yagya is a Vadic System which ensures wellbeing of all living entity of this universe and is a simple answer of modern world problems like global warming,air water and sound pollution,bacteria, virus,diseases and so on...



Question:How Divine Yagya Came in to existence?
Answer:As per sanathan knowledge and hindu scriptures at the time of creating this universes Lord Shri Brahma executed very first Yagya-Sacrifice for 100 years at tirthraj prayag. The supreme god Lord Shri Vishnu gave yagya to the Lord Shri Brahma and asked him to perform it for 100 years for the welfare of entire creation.



 Question:How it is benificial for every one?
Answer:Because it reduces your medical bill upto 80%, it makes you healthy and prosperous.It makes balance in nature. It improves the quality and quantity of crops.It reveals the inbuilt divine power. It makes people positive. The list is very long.

 Question:What are the areas of its application?



  • Used in Disease management
  • Enhance fertility of land
  • in pollution control
  • To maintain seasonal cycle
  • To reduce effect of global warming
  • To reduce effect of mal nutrition
  • To manage starvation
  • To control epidemic
  • Acts as preventive
  • Halt aging

The list is very long